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Schoolhouse Fox November


November Registration is open!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • HOW MANY CLASSES CAN I ATTEND?   All 6, and you are encouraged to do so! The age ranges are just a guide, & we specifically designed each class to be imaginative & interactive for all!

  • WILL MS. JACLYN & MS. TRACY'S CLASSES BE THE SAME?   While we will be sticking to the same themes, both teachers will have different set lists and different experiences to share!

  • WILL THIS BE LIKE KRL? The last day of Kiddo Request Live will be Aug. 19. While Schoolhouse Fox will be just as fun, the sessions are actual classes: educational, music & movement based, with lots of structure. 

  • WHAT IF I'M NOT AVAILABLE DURING THE CLASS TIMES?    No prob! You will have access to all of our videos, at any time, in our library archive!

  • HOW LONG DOES MY MEMBERSHIP LAST?   Because things are ever-changing in this covid world, we understand it's hard to commit. That's why memberships are month to month. We will send out a reminder for renewal at the end of each month.

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