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Little Voices Growing Loud and Proud...

grades k-5

Open Mic
In front of class workshops & performances, with constructive group feedback and collaborations
Album Release Show
All are invited to the end of semester
The Crescendo Kids live show and
Album Release Party
hosted at Okabaloo's main stage!
Writer's Round
Individual & group songwriting 
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Creative Sessions
Movement and imaginative play to create the stories of our songs
The Studio
Recording sessions of group & individual songs to create a whole album!

Brought to you by the Fiddle Foxes, Crescendo Kids is a weekly workshop-style session that will shape your music lovers into rock stars! Led by professional NYC singer-songwriters, musicians and producers, we will guide each child through songwriting, group rehearsal & the recording process, culminating into a big end-of-the-semester Album Release Show (featuring all of our young performers.) Families will receive a digital copy of the album, along with some behind-the-scenes fun so you can watch our voices grow loud & proud!




Tracy Thorne


As a professional musician, Tracy has dedicated the past ten years towards not only teaching music, dance and theatre to our youth, but also helping children harness their creative skills as a means of self-expression, breaking barriers in language and cultural diversity and the celebration of self through creative arts. She began her career leading kids’ music workshops internationally while obtaining a degree in Theatre and Dance. Tracy specializes in early childhood development, but you will also find her around NYC teaching guitar to folks of all ages, lending her voice to various music projects and performing her original music onstage.




Jaclyn Dima


 Jaclyn earned her degree in vocal performance and theatre from Indiana University and has spent the last decade educating and performing music in NYC. Upon teaching at Kidville, Laurie Berkner's The Music in Me class, and hundreds of parties and private music classes, she is most excited to bring Fiddle Foxes to kids all around NYC! Jaclyn's teaching style is fun and energetic and she aims to build a solid foundation for creativity in all children.  Jaclyn can also be seen singing around the city with various music projects including her band The Shakey Tables, among several other projects.

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