Then the piano starts- well that must be Freddy!

Meet Freddy, keys and crooner for the Fiddle Foxes. Steadfast & wise, he shares his love of piano by encouraging the kids to plunk out their own tune on the keys. Your children learn about majors and minors as well as pitch as they try out Freddy's larger than life keyboard!

The bass line drops, that's Fiona getting ready

Meet Fiona- bass player and lead singer. This spunky fox celebrates individuality and free-spiritedness through her funky songs and moves. Fiona is known to share her magic-microphone along with a do-re-mi-fa-so-fun singing lesson.

There's Fumble, you know his beat, it kicks!

Fun loving Fumble fox may be a wee bit clumsy, but when it comes to the drums, he teaches us that practice and persistence make progress, and he sure can rock the beat!​ Kids are natural drummers, and Fumble takes them to the next level by teaching groovy time-signatures and tempos!

Then Felicity comes, and strums all your troubles away...

Staying true to her namesake, Felicity aims to spread joy through the sound of her steel stringed guitar. This ever-encouraging fox loves to let the little ones try out some strummin' while she teaches us about notes. chords and chord progressions



Once upon a time, there were two best friends...

who bonded over their love for tap dancing, spaghetti, & playing children's music. After several years of teaching and performing for various programs, they felt that something was missing. Their dream was to create a program like no other. A magical journey that would truly cultivate that twinkle and spark in a child's eyes when they hear a catchy tune or beautiful melody. An experience where a kid can let out his/her inner rock-star while learning the basics of music theory. After years of planning, writing, creating characters and original songs, a class was born as a labour of love. These two kid specialists are so excited to share their magical journey called Fox Rock. Meet Jaclyn and Tracy...

Jaclyn Dima


Tracy Thorne




Sarah C.

We are always in search of  talented kid-specialists who also sing and play instruments!

Send us a copy of your resume' and tell us why you love working with kiddos!


our friends & neighbors

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